City Relax Tour

Every weekend during the summer season (from July to August) at 09:00 in front of the Saint Sava Temple, our Smile&Ride team organizes a special tour - the City Relax Tour! During the City Relax Tour, you will have the opportunity to breathe fresh air, enjoy the best view of Belgrade and take a swim in the most famous Belgrade lake. Make your reservation as soon as possible!

While driving, through the helmet communicator, the guide will tell you about Belgrade, about its history, culture, important buildings, the famous Belgrade taverns and urban myths. You will find out interesting facts and information that cannot be found in tourist brochures, read in books or seen on television. Discover Belgrade in a completely unique way, and our licensed guides will make sure you enjoy every moment of the tour.

All you have to do is Smile&Ride!


Due to the limited number of places available, please confirm your reservation 1 day in advance.

Click here to view the meeting point of the tour.

All the participants must arrive to the meeting point 30 minutes prior to the departure and sign the tour contract. Our tour ends at the same place where it starts and lasts about 4 hours.


The tour includes the following locations:


1. Gardoš Tower

Gardoš is an urban neighborhood of Belgrade and one of three hills on which the historical core of Zemun was built. Gardoš is known for its kafanas (kafana is a distinct type of local restaurant), mediocre tambura orchestras, the sound of heels in the small hours of the morning walking down the old-fashioned cobblestone streets and some new bohemians whose only link with the ones from the old songs is the love for drinking. At the top of the elevation, above all the roofs of mostly dilapidated houses and the St. Nikola’s church, silently stands the Gardoš Tower. Throughout history, it was a symbol of power, an observatory and a lookout. Today, just as sublime as it once was, the tower has an artistic and cultural value. Gardoš Tower is the symbol of Zemun, a major tourist attraction and one of the few lookouts in Belgrade. It is the place from where you will make the most beautiful pictures of your stay in Belgrade.



2. Ada Ciganlija Lake

With its clean water and dense deciduous forest, Ada is a true ecological oasis of Belgrade with its clean water and dense deciduous forest. On its 7 kilometers long gravel beach, it is not difficult to find the perfect place for swimming. Besides swimming, you can do all kinds of sports: football, volleyball, handball, tennis, baseball, cycling, jogging, roller blading, golf, water skiing, bungee jumping, free climbing, sailing, fishing on specially built platforms... Ada is a place you will certainly want to return to!



3. Košutnjak

Košutnjak is a park-forest and urban neighborhood of Belgrade. Košutnjak is one of the most popular recreational places in Belgrade. The evergreen and deciduous forest is crisscrossed by many forest trails. It has a beautiful panoramic view on the entire city and it’s a pleasant place to relax in nature. Košutnjak has a ski track open the whole year round allowing ski lovers to practice during winter as well as summer. It is an ideal place for rest and lunch. This is where we take a break and sum up our impressions.



4. Residence of Prince Miloš

The Residence of Prince Miloš is a royal residence in the Topčider municipality of Belgrade. It was built in 1831, after Serbia was given autonomous status in the Ottoman Empire. The grounds include a plane tree that is over 160 years old and one of the oldest in Europe.



5. Topčiderski Park

Topčider was the first public park outside the central city area. It reminds the charming English gardens in the shadows of tall trees, with benches, stone paths and a small lake. The park’s trademark is a large, more than 170 years old and over 34 meters high plane tree. You can often see newlyweds having their pictures taken in its idyllic shadow.



6. Ada Bridge

The Ada Bridge crosses the tip of Ada Ciganlija Island, connecting the municipalities of Čukarica and New Belgrade. It was officially opened in 2012. The bridge itself cost 161 million Euros. With multi-level intersections and metro stations, the total cost was 450 million Euros. Ada Bridge was featured in the fifth episode, season nine of the Discovery Channel television series Build It Bigger.



7. Belgrade Arena

With its capacity of around 25.000 visitors, the Belgrade Arena is the biggest hall in Belgrade and one of the biggest halls in Europe. Since its opening in 2004, it hosted numerous world and European sporting events as well as concerts of the world’s biggest music stars.



8. Palace of Serbia (SIV)

It was built in 1959 by the work brigades from all over Yugoslavia. The facade of the building is covered by Brac’s marble (high quality marble from Croatia), which is proof of how the state used to be strong and stable. The building contains six lounges and more than a thousand offices. It was designed in the shape of the letter "N". Here you can sit in the same chairs in which were sitting the delegations of the First Conference of Non-Aligned countries in 1961.



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